If you want to be quiet start with Tracking

Stazione Totale Leica TS16

"No construction is safe unless it has a solid and immovable base."

I don't remember exactly where I read this sentence, but it's printed in my mind.

Now I don't know if it happens for other jobs, but it seems to me that mine is an eternal metaphor for life.

If I think about it without dwelling too much, by eye and cross all the processes that we are going to do can find a match with what is life or what happens to you during life.

Just to be clear, now I'll give you a quick example of the sentence I chose as the title of this article.

If you found it true, tell me if it's not even truer if you have to change some element of it, turning it like this:

"No FAMILY is FORTE if it does not have solid and ESSENTIAL VALUES"

Tell me if this isn't true, or even almost math as it's true that 2 plus 2 plus 4.

And do not take me for an exaggeration if I tell you that for me the FONDATIONS, among all the work activities that make up the good realization of a structure, represent the most IMPORTANT work phase

Not to be underestimated in any detail and even more so in a country like ours, which has a wide diversity underground.

(Not that he has had the chance to assess what the condition of the subsoil is like in other nations. By choice I never accepted proposals, even if interesting, that could take me out of my land. I am very attached to my homeland and especially I believe in SOUTH.)

Within a few kilometers we found ourselves dealing with:

  • wetlands;
  • areas with high seismicity;
  • and areas where the subsoil was so compact that it created a thread to twist to the earthmoving enterprises.

In these conditions the "foundation technique" takes on particular importance and it is necessary to know the normal techniques, but also the most advanced, to cope with the major problems that can arise on difficult terrain.

See, going back to the first metaphor about the family:

How can we not compare the different types of the underground, to the different problems that can be encountered in life?

I don't know, tell me if I'm wrong, but for me the comparison is obvious.

This is how we analyze the subsurface, test and proceed with the excavations.

Once the plans are obtained on the ground at the design quotas, the construction of the project can be started.

First of all, however, it is necessary to bring back to the ground, the form of the foundation structures provided in the executive projects.

This operation is called: 

This is the phase that precedes the excavation activities of foundation, on which before going forward I would like to stop for a moment and give him the right attention.

Attention that we have always put in one of those that is a cornerstone of our Method Total Carpenteria ®


This article, but moreover, like all the other articles that will follow, will never be very technical articles.

The technical part I leave with pleasure to the "TECNICI"

Engineers, architects and surveyors, who surely know far more than I do and who apologise in advance for my inaccuracies

By the way if you who are reading, you are an engineer, an architect, a surveyor or a subject matter expert, I am honored to have you as a guest in my blog and I invite you to intervene to "protect the right"

My intent is mostly to convey a message and write about one of the things that I am most passionate about in life. As a sports enthusiast who gets up early in the morning to go for a run, he could open a blog and write for hours and hours of running.

I speak of passion, not to misuse the word "love".

Yes, because something to do it right you have to love it, especially if how work is that commitment that takes you more hours throughout the day

(95% of the population is unaware that if they stick to 8 hours a day, they spend an average of 100,000 hours of their lives working. That's why I think passing them with passion and love is the minimum)

Anyway this will not be a long and very technical article because about tracking my thinking is very clear

We are in the age when the most used word is INNOVATION, followed by the words:

  3. SPEED;

In an era when we control everything with our voice, where the number of mobile phones has exceeded that of people and the "next" holidays will take place on other planets…

… It seems to me to be a contradiction that the work can continue to use an old-fashioned methodologies at the expense of a state-of-the-art


I have written it three times because IT IS that, I do not want to denigrate the Origins

I am not for technology at any cost and I do not want to denigrate those techniques that have allowed the realization of great works in history

Now you're thinking:

Why don't you have lines and lead in the equipment?

I'm not saying that!

And above all, I can not despise the lead wire, from there I was born, I used it and I also believe that for some processes are more reliable than traditional methods. 

However, it must be understood that, for construction sites of a certain size that require greater precision and speed of execution, the use of lead wire is unthinkable.

Some statistics show that, delays in the delivery of a construction site start 32% of the time, right from the tracking phase.

Not to mention what happens if mistakes are made.

And so you see flying away days on days, which then affect the rest of the work

And the sayings are never wrong, so:

"Whoever begins well is halfway through the work"

So, if you want to be quiet, start paying your attention to Tracking.

And the concept is not to talk about GPS (which is not that of the phone and not even that of the clock, but that should even be called GNSS), laser scanners, total station or drone

The whole thing also seems to me to be rather superfluous.

The Total Carpenter method ® does not boast of recognising and using a technique in a universal way

Each site is evaluated in its complexity and singularity by the cooperation between Internal Technical Staff, Shipyard Director, Topographer, External Specialist Staff and all those figures that, at a time, are questioned about the specifics.

All this with the aim of finding a methodology 

  • EFFICIENT that,
  • In addition to ensuring the most SPEED of implementation,
  • is able to break down or bring as close to zero the grace error threshold to its PRECISIONE;
  • Taking advantage of a technique that is the most INNOVATIVE!
What about the family?

In the Family it works in much the same way:


NOTE: This is the first part of a series of articles that will have as the theme that of foundations, in the meantime if you are curious to find out how it is "Born the Carpenter" click here

Above all, don't forget to tell me which technique you prefer for tracking? 


And remember:

"The sticking nail must be hammered."


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