What is the main cause of structural failures? I anticipate it's not TERREMOTI

In this article I would like to try to be just a little more technical.

I have to play this role because of the importance of the subject matter

Also because I can't always be funny, I wouldn't want you to think I'm an unserious person.

Few people know that, earthquakes aside, most of the failure, which today arise, from small to large buildings is due to an underestimation of the problems of foundation.

Some people think:

I don't live in a seismic zone, so I can rest easy.

I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm not!

"No construction is safe unless it has a solid and immovable base."

With this statement I had started the previous article about Tracking.

Here I continue to tell you about the "problems" of: FONDATIONS

Foundations "live" in a situation of complexity, as if they were between the anvil and the hammer.

So by summarizing I could write that I am that part of the construction that is in contact with the ground and has to support the weight of the upper structure.

The first step is to determine the maximum load that can be carried by the ground and then proceed to the design of the foundation structure.

We can distinguish the various types of foundation as follows:


  • Ordinary
  • beams reverses
  • Audiences


  • Plinti 
  • Rafts

When the load to be transmitted is not very high and the structure consists of walls of various kinds, the following is used:


This consists of a structure that is the connection between the ground and the wall in elevation, throughout its length with an ever-higher width.

It is a good rule, often forgotten, that a layer of MAGRONE is executed under the plinth

Why is it called that way?

The lean is a low-dose concrete of concrete (concrete lean) 10 cm thick.

This layer, underrated and ignored for several reasons, performs several functions more or less… let's say at the same level of importance.

  1. make the surface flat and horizontal;
  2. avoid armor, direct contact with the earth;
  3. keep the construction site cleaner and more accessible especially in rainy periods, in a nutshell make life easier for us Carpenters, resulting in the recovery of time.

It is obvious that the foundation base must always be horizontal, so in the case of sloping land you will have to proceed per steps.

Do you know what an illustrious example where a simple continuous foundation has been built?

It is the bell tower of the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Pisa, yes for friends: The Tower of Pisa.

Fortunately the foundation was built appropriately, so even if the land has suffered a failure, the Leaning Tower is still able to charm us despite its 846 years.

But can you imagine if something like this happened today?

Maybe in the house where you live, or even worse at the next facility you design or build.

The structure of the continuous foundation is complemented by corDOLO, with ligament and breakdown function.

Finally, before starting the elevation structure, an insulating layer of various nature will be added to prevent soil moisture from being transmitted to the upper structure.

One method that I think is most effective for the insulation of the structure is the laying of resistant sheets of plastics in the ground cable

In addition to the use of an insulating layer at the detachment of the masonry.

Why some FONDATIONS are called TRAVE ROVESCIA is quite intuitive

And it comes from the fact that the beam that makes up the structure of the foundation, is reversed compared to the one commonly used for structures.

And it is also obvious that it is reversed as the load consists of the reaction of the ground and therefore from the bottom up.

This type of foundation is great for medium and good resistance terrain.

To stiffer the entire structure, it's a good rule of good to connect the reverse beams with connecting cross beams

These are also intended to absorb the stresses due to any partial failure.

For low-strength terrains, the main overturned beams end up being so close that in practice you can't perform excavations separately

It is therefore better to break out of the whole area, and adopt a different type of foundation, called at PLATEA

It consists of a single base slab of adequate thickness, made rigid by an armor in the two main directions.

Now I hope you're not thinking:

Just stop here?

Because it would mean that my "technical version", i do not succeed very well and YOU are bored.

It would be a big problem for me, because one of my main goals would fail:


What do I mean by "COMUNICARE IN EFFICACE" ?

Basically, a communication is possible to obtain when:

two or more people engaged in a verbal exchange can understand each other without problems.

Ok all simple so far, but trust that most verbal exchanges are simple exchanges of words.

To give you an example, even quite stupid, is like when someone asks you:

How are you?

and it doesn't actually listen to your answer.

It happened that jokingly, I replied:


and on the other side:

I'm happy for you, I'm fine too… Hello.

If I have to be honest and think about the questions that are asked to me most often:

How do you have collaborators for so long?


How do you follow all those customers?

How do you …?

In my answers after the words:

  • Humility
  • Commitment
  • Sacrifice
  • Continuity

The word is an important role:

  • Communicate

and I'll add 


Communicating effectively for me means:

  1. Being able to explain oneself in every situation with any interlocutor, both verbally and non-verbally;
  2. Best express yourself, your moods and establish relationships, in which you share needs, values and goals;
  3. To be in tune with one's interlocutors, to listen actively, to respect the rights of those in front of us and to enrich themselves inwardly.

We all communicate in one way or another

But very few people can use the right relational skills in everyday life.

Neglecting that an erroneous style of communication often originates to misunderstandings and conflicts, without considering the fact that it can hurt the feelings of others as a result of a misinterpretation of the transmitted message.

Every day we inevitably come into contact with many people, both for personal and work reasons.

Difficult partners, neurotic bosses, lousy colleagues, listless collaborators, wary customers and those who have more.

If we cannot communicate effectively with them, our days will be full of:

  • Problems
  • Frustrations
  • … conflicts.

So, now speaking of effective communication, with regard to DISCONTINUE FONDATIONS, I'll see you in the next article.

Today we put too much meat on the fire, but before we leave you, if you haven't already, I invite you to read the previous article related to THE TRACENTRY

And now if you are aware that your work is worth much more than that of some of your colleagues and you want your customers to have the best service that is in circulation – YOUR – then CONTACT, find out all the details of our Method Total Carpenteria ® and evise gross errors destroy your structure just as a failure would in the foundation.


And remember:

"The sticking nail must be hammered."


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