Work is synonymous with BUON SENSO!

I did not want to write an article about the current situation, just as I decided not to post anything on our social channels.

To communicate with our customers and our collaborators, especially for such serious topics, I preferred to use the channels of all time, a healthy phone call or a good message

Also because I found it inappropriate who exploited the circumstance to collect "likes" and endorsements on social media by writing obvious things.

But I do not lie to you that the scourge that at this moment, even if it afflicts our people, gave me a cue […]

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What is the main cause of structural failures? I anticipate it's not TERREMOTI

In this article I would like to try to be just a little more technical.

I have to play this role because of the importance of the subject matter

Also because I can't always be funny, I wouldn't want you to think I'm an unserious person.

Few people know that, earthquakes aside, most of the failure, which today arise, from small to large buildings is due to an underestimation of the problems of foundation.

Some people think:

I don't live in a seismic zone, so I can rest easy.

I'm sorry to tell you, but I'm not!

"No construction is […]

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If you want to be quiet start with Tracking

Stazione Totale Leica TS16

"No construction is safe unless it has a solid and immovable base."

I don't remember exactly where I read this sentence, but it's printed in my mind.

Now I don't know if it happens for other jobs, but it seems to me that mine is an eternal metaphor for life.

If I think about it without dwelling too much, by eye and cross all the processes that we are going to do can find a match with what is life or what happens to you during life.

Just to be clear, now I'll give you a quick example of the […]

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All by chance or the fruit of a great genius? … the birth of a Carpenter

When you consider the serious decision to start a project like this, which consists of "writing articles on a blog", one of the first thoughts that goes through your mind…

… obviously right after you have passed that IMMENSA barrier of:

But can I really have a blog?

It's definitely:

And now what do I write about this blog?

I was "brought" to school for Mathematics and French and even worse from the school benches I have been missing for quite some time.

(One day I'll also tell you the story "of my state exams")

Then after sleepless nights, after […]

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