Work is synonymous with BUON SENSO!

I did not want to write an article about the current situation, just as I decided not to post anything on our social channels.

To communicate with our customers and our collaborators, especially for such serious topics, I preferred to use the channels of all time, a healthy phone call or a good message

Also because I found it inappropriate who exploited the circumstance to collect "likes" and endorsements on social media by writing obvious things.

But I do not lie to you that the scourge that at this moment, even if it afflicts our people, gave me a cue to write this article.

So, since I'm stuck in the house, I'm going to write and not to talk to you about Corona Virus or Covid-19, but about:


Ability to judge a situation with balance and reasonableness, understanding the practical needs that it entails.

And after just this sentence, taken directly from Wikipedia, I could stop and not write anything anymore because it encompasses ALL.

But I'd like to try to analyze it

These turbulent moments give you the opportunity to observe the facts and circumstances with a magnifying glass and evaluate the work of those who share something with you every day.

"in suffering the truth becomes clearer and more obvious"

But at this very moment in history:

Where is the balance and reasonableness?

Especially when the practical needs of individuals participating in a common action are markedly different?

In a period of normality or at any other time other than this, in my doing business, the answers are quite easy, because:

Entrepreneur turns RESOURCES into RESULTS

But what are Resources and what are the Results?

I know, I'm asking too many questions, but let me explain, maybe in the end everything will be clearer…

People, knowledge, skills and motivations, techniques, finances or other, indirect or non-human, are part of the resources available to a company.

Everything written, mixed and mixed in different proportions, takes hold and creates useful processes to achieve results.

… the long-awaited results, so dear to those who do business.


How do we go crazy if at the end of the day we don't "see" the results… measurable in productivity, profit, creativity, innovation, goods, services, sales, customer numbers, etc…

How good are we in carefully dosing RESOURCES,

how accurate we are in verifying the response of results to our objectives;

and how much we invest in analysis, management control, charts, tables, estimates, forecasts, reports and who knows what else!

Attention, I do not criticize all this and I do not deny you, that at other times my passion for mathematics, leads me to be also particularly good


The magnifying glass, allowed me to observe that…

… the real driving force behind a company and an organization in general can only be what turns RESOURCES into RESULTS.

We can have huge funds, … even unlimited, a brilliant idea, an extraordinary patent, a new and hungry market for our product, the best technology available and whatever else goes through our minds, but if we don't put individuals in it, well, it's just going to be a nice dream.

The beating heart and transformer engine of a company, what allows us to believe and hope that it can live and prosper, are THE PEOPLE.

and in my case, my engine, "my people" are MEN … in every sense

They are children, they are brothers and they are fathers

And most of them, not part of that category of workers who, once they get to work, lock themselves in a room with a phone and who can work by sending a fax, going on the internet, or following everything from their mobile phone, in short, without any way to interact and relate to others.

They are men who work side by side, sharing for several hours a day.

And if until this part of the article, it is not yet clear what all this has to do with the GOOD SENSO, I'll tell you right away…

  • in the absence of a precise provision by the relevant bodies
  • in the absence of health protection devices, which are now untraceable even for those who work in the health field
  • in the absence of isolation conditions

for me it is part of the Common Sense to enhance and protect my best resource:


And right now it is part of the Common Sense to decide that, from Monday, March 16, everyone stays at home with their families, even if they never hold back and are always ready to work and even if "other laws" prevail in the world.

So with Balance and Reasonableness it is time to understand that the practical need of the moment is to SAFEGUARD THE SALUTE of the individual

to think of these Men as … Children, like … Brothers and how … Fathers.

so we as a Great Family… #restiamoacasa not only for our own good, but for the good of the whole community.


Confident that soon we will embrace again I remind you that:

"The sticking nail must be hammered."


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