If you want to be quiet start with Tracking

Stazione Totale Leica TS16

"No construction is safe unless it has a solid and immovable base."

I don't remember exactly where I read this sentence, but it's printed in my mind.

Now I don't know if it happens for other jobs, but it seems to me that mine is an eternal metaphor for life.

If I think about it without dwelling too much, by eye and cross all the processes that we are going to do can find a match with what is life or what happens to you during life.

Just to be clear, now I'll give you a quick example of the […]

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All by chance or the fruit of a great genius? … the birth of a Carpenter

When you consider the serious decision to start a project like this, which consists of "writing articles on a blog", one of the first thoughts that goes through your mind…

… obviously right after you have passed that IMMENSA barrier of:

But can I really have a blog?

It's definitely:

And now what do I write about this blog?

I was "brought" to school for Mathematics and French and even worse from the school benches I have been missing for quite some time.

(One day I'll also tell you the story "of my state exams")

Then after sleepless nights, after […]

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