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Having trouble with your reinforced concrete works?

If you have difficulty managing the early stages of your site due to incorrect tracing or gross execution errors, or YOU MUST start a new work with objective complexity,

then it might be helpful to rely on a reinforced concrete carpentry expert.

Although "alone" 18 years ago I started my entrepreneurial career in the world of reinforced concrete carpentry, I actually started much earlier, from the age of 14 I grew up in nails, iron and cement employed in the most diverse construction sectors.

That's why I'm the person for you if:

  • You want to avoid continuous misunderstandings with the workers, resulting in unplanned construction stops that force you to always work urgently – perhaps to recover gross errors – and without having a professional figure of reference.
  • You need to start a new reinforced concrete work of significant complexity, but you want to have a technical comparison about it – completely understandable for those who have to comply with chrono programs – in choosing the right operational technique.

Contact me now and let's see together how to solve and safeguard your reinforced concrete works and accordingly… YOUR money!







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